Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ganbate loss the weight !!!!

I join aerobic and some program to get loss my weight. Well honestly I hate to look fat, but it doesn't mean I hate fat people or fat people is bad just I hate to be fat for my self. But I do it also for get such a healthy lifestyle and I think it's good as long as it's for healthy. So I hope I can loss my weight 3 kgs in a month from my excersices and diet. Diet in here means I still eat but with a small portion and no junk food ofc. But badly I still eat junk food honestly yet only once in a while when I get boring maybe and lazy to cook :D

I challege my self 3kgs for a month and it has been past for twelve days. Here the pictures before and after join the program :)

Before, 15 January 2014

After 12 March 2014

Mac is super red RAD!

I love red coz it's hot. I always use it for night out and I choose MAC.
I got recomendation from my friend to try it, so I tried and I like it.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Simple with Black and White

Wearing a black bustier and black long skirt, cover with oversized plaid shirt in black and white color looks so simple and hot. Yeah hot is aalways black , and Black is always never enough.
Just enjoy my pictures :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holiday for the last of 2013

My sister and I spent the quality time with my dady. We went to village and had plan about to do some adventures.
I never did this before with my dad, n Thx to God by doing this it made me closer with my dad n I saw a different side of my dad that I never know.
I and my dad did hiking for the first time, and what happen there? I found my dady was very currious than me plus he was a picture holic n genic too. He became my freelance photographer for this time... And you know what he was absolutely knew it better than me. For example he knew the  nice spot n style somuch better than me althought not somuch good in technic. But I was speechless for his other personal. Well hope you enjoy the picture that all style was managed n taken by him. This holiday was for dady n daughter adventure !!!!!!

From this adventure now I know where all my hobbies come from.., some of them are my dady's mine. Photography, traveling and collecting vintage stuff thats all come from his soul. One thing I know about him very well that he loves his old motor cycle very much n nothing can compare it. And in the morning when I accompanied him to wash it, he said to me that one day when I got married I will give this for you as your present wedding. Unbelieveble, he will give what the special thing for him to me in special moment. I was gosong to cry n so happy cuz It's been a long time I adore and want his old motorcycle :)
Btw, it was the sweetest way I ever had  to kill my holiday and end the year of 2013. Can't wait for next year dad !!!!!!

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