Friday, October 3, 2014

Let's talk about

Let's talk about your fav model. Honestly I have some of them.. I've been inspired from them in some case since I've first writen blog. My fav models are Natalie Suarez ( , Cara Delavigne and Alexa Chung. I follow all their sosmed and I m bad stalker for their ig account. I should check it everyday.. It's kind of happiness and refreshing when I look their picture.. They are somuch inspiring me totally! Especially Natalie... She's cool ever!!! I recomend her blog somuch if you don't know her yet plus she's so friendly... I got her followback on Twitter and she likes to reply me WoW.. I don't know why but I think I am lucky cz my friend does the same thing but never get the chance :P
And most of you, I m sure have known bout Cara D. Yeah.. She is the most famous model like 11-12 with Katemoss. But one thing I love from her is... Her ig is somuch underground. Her activity is just like a normal girl and her humor is best. So that's why I always wait for her daily post :)
The first I know bout fashion, Alexa Chung is like my fashion rule. So that's why I'm in love with vintage. She is super sweet I think. Casual+Vintage=Alexa Chung <3

Okay.. Thats all. I think it is okay to have fav idol in your life, because be inspired every morning and every day is kind of refreshing and be able to iger your creativity. As long., Take positif and throw negative thing from them ! 
XoXo. Ila

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mornings like these

I wake up every morning and forget how to hate people yesterday. I wake up with peace and feel so bless every morning. It is not a big deal anymore bout how I hate you yesterday... Because Allah SWT wakes me today not to hate anybody or anything but he gives me chance to more love and be loved. Thanks God for waking me up.. So I can love more my parents, sister, friends and my cats :)

I found this quote by Ali bin Abi Thalib. I think the quote is clear enough to explain that we should not try too hard to prove bout our selves to anybody. I also ever in this situation, when I needed anyone knows that I was kind of girl.. Or when I did something that they though it was wrong then I tried so hard to explain them but the result is same. The one who really wants to believe that is just the one who likes and close with you. And for the beloved haters, you won't get enough fact to satisfy them. So it's better to say feel free to judge.. Cz only Allah knows who you are and good one will never lost a true friend:)

XoXo, ila

Monday, September 29, 2014

The meaning of beauty

True beauty doesn't need to seek attention, it's recognised through it's value. It means you don't need someone else's opinion telling you your beautiful when you have Allah SWT the one who created you. Most of society highlights your beauty, Islam highlights your honour and dignity. A hijab doesn't cover your beauty, it just preserves it for the one who deserves..your husband. And remember, people judge you by your presentation but Allah SWT judges you by your attention. Don't beautify yourself for the creation but beautify yourself for the creator Allah SWT. Insha Allah always try to close to the sunnah :)