Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sleeping tight

When talking about love I hope it becomes a beautiful thing that ever happened in this life. 
When talking about you and me I hope it will be called we.
But I know that we re never talking anything bout love

Darling, No matter how far you go just promise me you'll never comeback again
No matter how hard to stay, just promise me you'll never leave me just a second in my life
I'm talking bout love now, I give you the choices
I need the answer now cuz 
Darling, I need sleeping tight tonight

When talking with you it feels like more than just a friend even you try to say I am your good friend
But you'll let me feel like that cuz you need something or maybe you miss something 
But I know, you'll go for many times and back without permittion to my life

Don't you think its alright?
Even I m saying 'I am good' when you say 'how's ur life'
I am not tottaly alright
I need you to know so I give you the choice from now 

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Song Writer : inggih laras ati